Brian T. Coleman

Global Traveler

Brian has spent his fair share of time in commercial aircraft. 

With over 3 million miles on United and a million miles on American, plus a few hundred thousand on everyone else, he knows his way around the airlines. It doesn’t matter if it’s a regional plane or the heavy metal; he is quick to share his opinions on flight experiences.

His travels have brought him to all parts of the world except Russia and Antarctica. Brian has also written several airline-related travel stories documenting these adventures as well as several airplane reviews. He is currently working on a book to further document these travel adventures.

Brian is also a Contributing Editor (and former Associate Producer) of the Airplane Geeks Podcast.

Micah Engber

Captain Main(e)iac

Micah is based out of Portland, Maine, and is Contributor-at-Large to the Airplane Geeks Podcast. He has been recognized internationally as having a vast broad-based knowledge of aviation with expertise in airlines, commercial, general and military aviation, as well as well as an extensive familiarity with rotor-wing craft.
Micah's travel savvy also includes hotel and ground programs. 

When Brian and Micah travel together Brian often handles the air transport while Micah often works on the ground. Together they make a great travel team. 

 You can follow Micah on Twitter @Mainefly.

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